Thai Massage in South Yarra

If you live or work in South Yarra and are looking for a Thai massage give our clinic a call. We are conveniently located and provide a great range of massage services to help restore balance and release tension in overworked muscles.

Experience a Thai massage in a calm and relaxed atmosphere with qualified professionals. We offer a tranquil space away from the daily stresses where you’ll be invited to relax and enjoy some well-deserved pampering with no disturbance from the outside world.

We offer a variety of massage services each with a different focus – view our full offering below and select the best massage for you:

South Yarra massage

South Yarra is one of Melbourne’s most fashionable suburbs known for its upmarket housing and high-end fashion boutiques. It has all the amenities of a vibrant inner-city suburb including restaurants, bars and cafes and is popular for urban professionals who live and play here. If you like to be in the heart of Melbourne’s social scene then South Yarra is the place for you – many celebrities and footballers call South Yarra home which makes it a great place for people-watching and gives it a glamourous air.We are in close proximity to South Yarra so drop in or make an appointment for a restorative and therapeutic Thai massage and find out why this form of massage is gaining in popularity.

Release muscle tension and pain with a Thai massage

Thai massage is believed to have been practiced by Thai monks over two and a half thousand years ago. It remains popular even today because of its health-giving benefits and ability to relieve muscle tension. Wherever you travel in Thailand you will find street stalls offering massage. It is an integral part of Thai life and is revered as a way to maintain the body and stay in physical balance.

Thai massage is becoming popular in Western cultures because of its therapeutic benefits. It uses a blend of passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to help correct imbalances. Thai massage promotes wellness by relieving muscle and joint tension, and increasing flexibility.

Thai massage uses alternative techniques to other popular forms of massage so be prepared for a different massage experience. Our massage therapists use rhythmic pressing and move your body into various stretches and positions to encourage relaxation and re-energising.

Thai massage was born out of a spiritual tradition and it still retains its holistic philosophy – to heal a person physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We offer a complete a range of massage services near South Yarra. Call now or drop in to experience a massage with one of our professionally trained and experienced team